The Picture Show

The Picture Show

"The Picture Show" is an advertising film for a fictive company in the 60s, that can produce holiday pictures from any given photograph sent in by customers. The work is done by robots, that collect suitable data from a big archive, and put all the picture elements together in a special optical machine, that creates the final holiday picture.

The production took about 10 months, about 400-450 hours of work in the period between February and December 2005. In this time Martin created 45 3D models, 40 composites and a total of 51 shots. The project time is relatively long for a final movie of about 2 minutes. The reason for this is, that he was in charge of all visual aspects of the work. This included storyboarding, layout, modeling, production design, animation, matchmoving, compositing and editing.

The movie can formally be devided in two parts. In the first part a real figure acts in a computer generated scenery. The second part of the film was completely computer generated.


Title: "The Picture Show"
Genre: Advertising film
Animation, VFX: Martin-Sebastian Senn
Sounddesign: Christian Senn
Actress: Francesca Kuenzle
Actor: Tamer Ruggli

Picture Show