The Office Machine

The Distillery

"The Distillery" is a computeranimated film exclusively rendered with Coffeetracer, a raytracing system enhancement supporting advanced rendering techniques such as soft shadows, ambient occlusion, depth of field and path tracing to achieve global illumination. Furthermore Coffeetracer features a Photon-Mapping-based approach for rendering caustics. "The Distillery" was produced to show all these techniques applied to a scene. The scene itself was modeled, textured and set dressed in Maxon Cinema 4D and subsequently exported into the raytracing system's own scene description file. The project was done in the context of a computer graphics lecture at ETH.


Title: "The Office Machine"
Genre: Rendering Test Animation
Animation: Martin Senn, David Gerhard
Set Modeling: Martin Senn

Rendering System: "Coffeetracer"
Software Engineering:
David Gerhard, Martin Senn

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