Animation & 3D Set Modeling

Martin Sebastian's earlier work as a 3D generalist includes 3D modeling, animation, shading and texture painting as well as rendering. However, his core interest mainly lied in the area of digital set-extension and 3D set modeling, which also includes production design. All three films "The Picture Show", "The Office Machine" and "Filmdisc" were fictive advertising films set in the 60s. The idea was to incorporate science fiction with nostalgia. "Just a Robot" was part of an animation study. "The Distillery" was produced to test and show the capabilities of "Coffeetracer" a ray tracing system developed together with David Gerhard, featuring distributed ray tracing techniques such as Ambient Occlusion, Soft Shadows and Path Tracing (used for Global Illumination effects) and Caustics.


The Picture Show *, 2005

The Office Machine *, 2006

Just a Robot, 2006

Filmdisc, 2007

The Distillery *, 2008,
(along with David Gerhard)

Silhouettes of Jazz *, 2009,
(along with Dominik Kaeser, Mario Deuss,
Mark Pauly, Niloy Mitra)